Gunpowder green tea 3505 becomes the new favorite in the tea market


As a unique green tea variety, gunpowder green tea 3505 is gradually becoming a highly concerned product in the tea market. gunpowder green tea 3505 is a mainly handmade green tea that presents a ball-shaped tea leaf with a strong aroma and a fresh taste.
It is understood that gunpowder green tea 3505 is made from young leaves after kneading and drying. It is not only rich in a variety of nutrients, but also has a variety of health effects, such as anti-oxidation, lowering blood pressure, weight loss and so on.
In addition to being a drink, gunpowder green tea 3505 can also be used in cooking and making desserts, etc. For example, when making desserts, mix gunpowder green tea 3505 with cream to create unique tea-flavored desserts.
In conclusion, gunpowder green tea 3505, as a unique green tea variety, has strong aroma and fresh taste, and also has various nutritional components and health care effects. It is gradually becoming a product that has attracted much attention in the tea market.