Maybe because of your busy work, you will struggle hard in your own passion, but will you recall your original heart, stop temporarily, drink a cup of tea, and find your original heart.
Drinking tea is not only about quenching thirst and health, but also self-examination, the true nature of tea, and the taste of life.
Tea can wash away the dust, filter the mood, and make good friends. So people who know how to taste tea are also people who are willing to make themselves lively. I always believe that Zen is an artistic conception. Some people can't let go of their obsessions and realize Bodhi in their lifetime. Some people only use the time of a cup of tea, and they come out from the vast array of things, blooming like a lotus.
Really good tea can withstand the test of boiling hot water, and people with real quality should also be able to withstand the erosion of the earth, clear eyes, and always maintain the natural qualities.
Tea in the cup, floating up and down, the fragrance is overflowing, it seems unremarkable, if you want to distinguish its advantages and disadvantages, you have to use your heart. Just as San Mao said tea, "The first bitterness is life, the second is sweet like love, and the third is like a breeze." If you use this standard to measure people, what is the taste?
The deep water flows deep, and the simpler person's inner heart is clear, and the easier it is to penetrate the meditation. To cultivate Buddha is like tea, and drink a cup of bitter tea to tasteless. This is the realm of Zen. Life should be deleted and kept simple, and the world will be swaying. The heart will always be like a lotus, and it will bloom quietly. Just like thousands of streams, after all, it is necessary to merge into the river, to be clear and quiet, and to be quiet and peaceful.
Tea has become a habit in life and has become an indispensable companion to practitioners. Just how many people can drink the restless years and drink them. How many people can drink the turbid world image to pure and clear.
Maybe we can choose an unintentional day, regardless of the rain, regardless of the Spring and Autumn, drink the Zen tea of life, return to the true, and find the original one.