Seminar on Tea Export Enterprises in Shengzhou City


On the morning of the 27th, the Symposium on Tea Export Enterprises in Shengzhou City was held in the 2nd Building of Shengzhou City Government. The leaders of nine tea export enterprises participated in the symposium, and Ding Gui, Vice Mayor of Shengzhou City, attended the meeting.

This meeting mainly carries out the spirit of concern and attention of the central and all levels of Party committees and governments to private enterprises; listens to some practices of entrepreneurs in the export tea industry and enterprises in the production process, especially some difficulties and problems encountered in the export process, and some suggestions to the Shengzhou Municipal Government; and holds the first International (Shengzhou) Green Tea Conference next year. Suggestions are made on this plan.

First of all, I listened to the report of Lu Yongjin, Director of Agriculture and Forestry Bureau, on the preparations for the First International Green Tea Conference (Shengzhou).

Secondly, the leaders of Huafa Tea, Ruixing Tea, Thick Earth Tea, Chunli Tea and other export tea enterprises made speeches in turn, saying that they attached great importance to the tea industry and were encouraged to give their full support to the green tea conference to be held next year.

Finally, Mayor Ding's speech raised three hopes and requirements for entrepreneurs: first, to strengthen confidence. Confidence comes from the position of Shengzhou tea export industry. Shengzhou tea export accounts for 1/5 of the country's total, 1/3 of green tea export and 2/3 of pearl tea export. Confidence comes from the foundation of Shengzhou tea industry. Shengzhou has a long history of tea production. Tea originated in the Han Dynasty. The two tea saints formed an unremitting bond with Shengzhou. Shengzhou tea industry chain is complete. Shengzhou has formed a tea industry chain which integrates tea seedling breeding, tea planting, tea machine research and development, tea processing and comprehensive utilization, tea market and tea culture tourism. Confidence comes from the fact that tea is a necessity of life. In many countries where tea is exported, tea is a consumer product, a necessity and a part of life. Confidence comes from the perseverance of entrepreneurs. Second, change ideas. Adhere to high-quality development. Give up the low-level and extensive development model. Focus on industry. Stick to industry and do what you are good at. Third, increase kinetic energy. Take the road of whole industry chain, brand, new trade and industry synergy.