Shengzhou Gunpowder Tea has been transported to Europe for over 500 tons for three consecutive years.


On November 1st, the reporter learned from Shengxin Office of Shaoxing Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau that from January to October this year, the total export volume of Shengzhou tea reached 46,000 tons, with a value of 105,320,000 US dollars, an increase of 16.7% and 11.9% over the same period last year, respectively. Among them, 533 tons of gunpowder tea were exported to EU. Relevant person in charge introduced that this is the third consecutive year that Shengzhou gunpowder tea exports to the EU exceeded 500 tons, and the way of gunpowder tea transporting to Europe is widening.

Shengzhou is the largest pearl tea production base in China, and the export volume of pearl tea accounts for more than half of the total amount of the country. Since the EU has strict agricultural residue limits on tea imports, most of our tea can only be sold to African countries. Lv Zhongjun, secretary-general of Shengzhou Tea Industry Association, told reporters that the profit per ton of tea sold to African countries is only 400 to 500 yuan, while that of tea exported to European Union countries is more than 2,500 yuan, which is five times the profit of ordinary non-low-agricultural residual Gunpowder tea.

The report of the Nineteenth National Congress pointed out that China's economy has shifted from a high-speed growth stage to a high-quality development stage. For tea production, it is necessary to adhere to the green development-oriented and take the path of efficient ecology. "With higher quality, in exchange for higher efficiency!" Lv Zhongjun is called.

In order to reduce tea residues and increase added value, Shengzhou Pearl Tea Manufacturing Enterprise continuously adopts new technology, new technology, new equipment and new methods to promote tea production to the direction of deep processing and fine processing. At the same time, Shengzhou fully implements the management system of export tea raw material planting, and keeps a good headstream. Shengzhou tea production enterprises have established pollution-free production bases in many places and contracted 400,000 mu of tea gardens in other provinces. Most tea gardens in Yunnan and Guizhou are slightly acidic clayey soils with high altitude, low yield per mu, less pollution and good quality, which laid a good foundation for Shengzhou to produce high quality and low residual tea for export to EU. The Huafa Tea Industry.

While expanding pollution-free production base, Shengzhou tea industry pays close attention to quality management. At present, Shengzhou tea export enterprises have established a quality management system and implemented a food production license system. Since last year, Shengzhou exporting enterprises for the first time in the acquisition of raw materials for wool tea, the implementation of open soup to see the color of soup, detection of leaf bottom and endoplasm, good quality of raw materials, low agricultural residues and pollution-free pearl tea quantity has steadily increased.