The manufacturer of gunpowder tea 9501 will show you how long gunpowder green tea can be stored


Gunpowder tea 9501 manufacturer tells you that gunpowder green tea is a special variety of green tea from the Camellia japonica plant that is prepared slightly differently and thus may have unique properties and health benefits. The leaves are rolled into tight little pellets, similar to old-fashioned gunpowder pellets, which would explain the name.
The manufacturer of gunpowder tea 9501 tells you that this preparation seems to allow the tea to retain more of its nutrients, possibly including a slightly higher caffeine content than other green teas. Some high-quality gunpowder green teas can be kept for 10+ years without seeming to lose potency or flavor. The tea is slightly yellower in color than other "green teas" and tastes sometimes smoky, earthy, or even metallic.
There are many varieties of gunpowder green tea, but most seem to offer similar health benefits, which the manufacturer of gunpowder tea 9501 tells you is largely due to polyphenolic compounds in the tea, and perhaps catechins and alkaloids in the leaves.
If you suffer from obesity, you should drink gunpowder green tea, diabetes, fatigue, chronic disease, indigestion, cold, flu, infection, coronary heart disease and high blood pressure, cholesterol, etc., the manufacturer of gunpowder tea 9501 tells you because it may help improve some of these conditions.