The manufacturer of tea 9501 will show you the benefits of gunpowder tea


The manufacturer of tea 9501 tells you that many tea names are based on the plants grown. Others are named after the region where the tea originated. But gunpowder tea is named after it for its appearance and taste.
Gunpowder tea has a unique production method. To make the highest quality gunpowder tea, artisans wither, steam, roll and dry individual leaves. Machine-rolled gunpowder tea is also available (and very common), though less revered. The manufacturer of tea 9501 tells you that depending on the shape of each small tea grain, this tea is sometimes called pearl tea or pearl tea. Some people also call it Chinese gunpowder tea.
You can buy gunpowder tea online or at your local tea shop. Look for small, compact, shiny particles. Gunpowder tea usually stays fresher than other traditional types of tea due to the unique manufacturing method.
Tea lovers use different methods to brew their gunpowder tea. Some are brewed in a cup, some in a teapot, and some in a glass jar. The manufacturer of tea 9501 tells you that the easiest way is to brew it in a teacup with a temperature-controlled teapot (with temperature maintenance).