Green tea 3505 manufacturers take you to understand the origin of tea


The green tea 3505 manufacturer tells you that in recent decades, the combination of tea science and botanical research has made a more detailed and in-depth analysis and demonstration of the origin of tea trees from different perspectives such as tree species and geological changes and climate change, which further proves that Southwest China The region is the origin of the tea tree. The main arguments, simply put, are three-fold:
From the natural distribution of tea trees, there are 23 genera and more than 380 species of Camellia found in China, and there are 15 genera and more than 260 species in China, most of which are distributed in Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan. More than 100 species of camellia have been discovered, and there are more than 60 species in the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, among which the tea tree species occupies the most important position. The manufacturer of green tea 3505 tells you that from a botanical point of view, the origin centers of many genera are concentrated in a certain area, which means that this area is the origin center of this flora. The high concentration of Camellia and Camellia plants in Southwest China shows that Southwest China is the birth center of Camellia, and it is the birthplace of tea.
From the perspective of geological changes, the mountains in the southwest region are ups and downs, the river valleys are crisscrossed, and the topography is varied, resulting in the formation of many small landform areas and microclimate areas. The tea trees that originally grew here were gradually divided into different climates in the tropics, subtropics and temperate zones, which led to the variation within the tea species, and developed into tropical and subtropical large-leaf and middle-leaf tea trees, as well as temperate middle-leaf tea trees. and small-leaf tea trees. The manufacturer of green tea 3505 tells you that botanists believe that the place where a species mutates the most is the center of its origin. The three southwestern provinces of China are the places with the most variation and richest resources of tea trees in China, and they should be the center of the origin of tea trees.
Judging from the evolutionary types of tea trees, tea trees always tend to evolve continuously in the long history of their phylogeny. Therefore, any area where primitive tea trees are concentrated is the origin of tea trees. The green tea 3505 manufacturer tells you that the wild tea trees in the three southwestern provinces of China and their adjacent areas have the morphological and biochemical characteristics of the original tea trees, which also proves that the southwestern region of China is the center of the origin of tea trees.