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Gunpowder green tea 9475 Big Head Leaf

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Main Market: Uzbekistan, Central Asia Packaging: woven bag with inner plastic bag. 40HQ load 15MT, Wagon load 30MT

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Chinese called Gunpowder green tea "Pearl Tea / Zhu Cha", because the round and rolled leaves looked like pearls. The British called it " gunpowder tea,” because it looked like gunpowder.  These rolled leaves retain its excellent flavor, as they unfurled into full leaves when they were brewed. Gunpowder loose tea can be brewed at a higher temperature than most other green tea which is afraid for boiling.

Gunpowder green tea 9475 big leaf 
Processing: stir-fried
Tea shape: big tea leaves 
Main market: Uzbekistan, Central Asia, Middle East
Packaging: 27kg woven bag with inner plastic bag or customized 
20FCL load 7-8MT, 40HQ load 15MT, Wagon load 30MT.
Transportation: by sea or train 
Price terms: FOB, CFR, CIF, CIP, FCA
Payment terms: T/T, others need to negotiate


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Gunpowder Tea

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