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Chun Mee is also call Chunmee tea. "Chunmee" in Chinese means "eyebrow", so it got its name because of its eyebrow shaped dry leaves.

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Chun Mee or Chunmee is also call Chunmee tea.  "Chunmee" in Chinese means "eyebrow", so it got its name because of its eyebrow shaped dry leaves. The shape is tight and neat, gray green and frosty, oily, fragrant and strong. It is named for its slim line as the girl’s beautiful eyebrows. Chunmee tea originates from the joint junction of Anhui, Zhejiang and Jiangxi Provinces.


Chun mee chunmee green tea 41022AAA

Processing: stir-fried

Color: grey green

Shape: tightnes, straight and Eyebrown shape

Aroma: high sweet fragrance lasting and fresh

Taste: bright yellowsih green and fresh, long-lasting sweetness, heavy mellow taste high aroma and refreshing No bitter, no matte color, lifeless yellow or brown 


Customized packaging: 25g/100g/125g/200g/250g/500g box, carton, wooden box, kraft paper bag , woven bag, colorful plastic bag

Market: Africa


Sample: available

Port: Ningbo

Delivery time: within 30 days

Payment: T/T,L/C, other payment could be negotiated


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Chunmee Tea

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