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China Chunmee Green Tea Achoura

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Chunmee green tea is also called "Zhen Mei" in Chinese and gets its name from the shape. Long thin tight looks like eyebrow shape and grayish green color. It has a clear yellow-green color after being brewed. It is known for its sweetness and flavor, while retaining all the advantages of green tea, and mainly sold to Africa.


China Chunmee Green Tea Achoura 
Processing type: Stir-fried

Look: Strips tight grayish green tea leaves

Tea soup:  bright yellow with bubbles

Aroma: high fire incense, smell like cooked chestnut

Taste: rich heavy mellow


Packing: 25g/100g/125g/200g/250g/500g box, carton, other customized packing materials as customer's need

MOQ: 20FCL  

Delivery time: within 30 days           

Payment: T/T,L/C, other payment could be negotiated

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