The correct way to make Gunpowder tea 9501


Gunpowder tea 9501 is a type of tea from China whose leaves are rolled into small sizes, similar to granules, to maintain freshness and aroma, hence the English name, because the granules are actually similar to the black powder guns used in ancient times.
The preparation of Gunpowder tea 9501 is a task that requires precision and extreme care, because if you add more ingredients than you need, it doesn't have the desired flavor, and if you mix fewer ingredients under the wrong conditions, you can Impossible to experience the rich smoky and coppery taste in the mouth. It is recommended to use a white cup for making porcelain tea during preparation so that you can see its true color. For water, it should be 70 or 80 degrees Celsius and come from a spring source, as water from other sources, such as a tap, will not bring out the true taste of Gunpowder tea 9501. The equipment used to prepare the tea should be rinsed in water that is warm to the tea to keep it warm.
Gunpowder tea 9501 dissolves easily in water, so there is no need to exaggerately throw in hot water. One teaspoon per teapot. The more you put the tea in hot water, the stronger its flavor will be. The particles are dispersed in the large tea leaves in the water, releasing the smell of smoke in the air. If prepared properly, it has a yellow appearance. It is not necessary to add milk and sugar to the mixture. No, it will be more enjoyable.