gunpowder tea has a unique production method


Gunpowder tea is loose leaf tea that is tightly rolled into small particles resembling gunpowder. This tea is usually made using green tea leaves, but not always. The benefits of gunpowder tea depend on the type of tea used to produce it.
Many tea names are produced based on the plants grown. Others named after the region where the tea originated. But the look and taste of gunpowder tea is named after it.
gunpowder tea has a unique production method. To make the highest quality gunpowder tea, artisans wither, steam, roll and dry individual tea leaves. Machine-rolled gunpowder tea is also available (and very common), although less respected. Depending on the shape of each small tea granule, this tea is sometimes called pearl tea or pearl tea. Some people also call it Chinese gunpowder tea.
When you sip a gunpowder tea, each individual leaf unfolds or "explodes," as some have described it. As the name suggests, the tea has what many describe as a slightly smoky flavor.
Some people mix gunpowder tea with other types of tea to create a unique flavor. For example, gunpowder tea is combined with spearmint tea to create a famous blend called Moroccan mint tea.