Gunpowder Tea 3505A manufacturers take you to know if tea can be drunk with bugs


The manufacturer of Gunpowder Tea 3505A tells you that old tea will grow bugs if it is kept for a long time. Many old teas will have many bug eyes, which makes tea lovers worry. Is the quality of this tea guaranteed? This tea that has been bitten by bugs Can you still drink it? Can you drink the tea with insects?
The manufacturer of Gunpowder Tea 3505A tells you that there are two types of tea bugs, one is the more common white bug, and the other is the gray-black bug. But the white worms are not tea worms that eat tea leaves, but "paper worms" that eat packaging cotton paper. The gray-black worms are the real "tea worms". This kind of tea worm only eats tea leaves, but it is rarely seen. Over a real tea bug.
Can the tea that has been bitten by insects still drink? In the market, we see various small holes in Pu’er tea tissue paper, which are called insect eyes in the industry. These insect eyes are bitten by paper insects, but paper insects like to eat them. Paper, does not affect the quality of tea leaves, just use a brush to clean the tea leaves. The manufacturer of Gunpowder Tea 3505A tells you that the appearance of the tea is still very important, but the tea is sold on the market.
In fact, the life cycle of gray-black tea bugs is very short. Most of them die in the tea. After a long time, they are mixed with the tea. Pu'er tea that has been bitten by insects tastes better and more beautiful than those that have been aged for 50 years. There is a kind of dragon ball tea on the market, also called insect poop tea. The value is higher than ordinary tea. But real tea bugs are rare. The Gunpowder Tea 3505A manufacturer tells you that it is produced under normal aging conditions. More often, the bugs in tea are produced when the environment is damp. This is not a real tea bug. Pay attention to identification.