How to brew chunmee tea


Chunmee tea is the tea with the widest production area, the highest output, the most stable sales area and the most common consumption in China. Chunmee tea is one of the treasures of green tea. The shape is tight, even, gray-green frosting, oily, fragrant and strong. So what is the brewing method of chunmee tea?
The brewing method of chunmee tea:
 1. Equipment: Prepare tea cups, bowls, tea pots, tea rules, tea spoons, tea trays, tea towels and kettles according to the number of people drinking.
 2. Appreciating the tea: Tilt and rotate the chunmee tea canister and pour the chunmee tea leaves into the tea. Use a teaspoon to put the chunmee tea leaves in the tea set into the tea tray, enjoy the color, tenderness and evenness of the dry tea, and smell the aroma of the dry tea.
3. Warm cup: Wash the tea cup with boiling water to increase the temperature of the cup, which is especially important in winter, which is conducive to the brewing of chunmee tea.
4. Set tea: The general capacity of the tea cup for brewing chunmee tea is 150 ml, and the amount of tea used is about 3 grams. Use a teaspoon to spread the tea leaves evenly from the tray or cup into each cup.
5. Immersion: Lift the pot and flush the water into the cup along the wall of the cup. The amount of water is 1/4 or 1/3 of the cup capacity, so that the chunmee tea leaves can absorb water and relax, and facilitate the precipitation of the tea juice. After about 30 seconds, start brewing.
 6. Brewing: Using the "Phoenix three-headed" method, flush the water into the cup to about 70% of the total capacity, which means "seven points of tea, three points of love". After three "high flushes", the tea leaves in the cup are turned up and down, and the concentration of the upper and lower tea soup in the cup is uniform. In addition, it expresses etiquette and welcomes the arrival of guests. During the brewing process, the kettle is required to be suspended high, so that the water flow has an impact and has the beauty of the curve.
7. Drinking: generally smell the fragrance first, then watch the color and sip. Take a small sip, let the chunmee tea soup reverberate in the mouth, fully contact with the taste buds, then swallow slowly, and press the tip of the tongue against the root of the teeth and inhale, aftertaste the sweetness of chunmee tea.
Chunmee tea should not be too thick, otherwise it will affect the secretion of gastric juice, and patients with high blood and heart disease are not suitable for drinking too strong tea. When brewing chunmee tea, the water temperature should be controlled at about 80℃~90℃. The brewed green tea should be drunk within 30 to 60 minutes, otherwise the nutrients in the tea will become unstable.