Gunpowder tea supreme manufacturers teach you what is tea art


The manufacturer of gunpowder tea supreme tells you that tea art is a beautiful artistic conception of the whole tea tasting process, including the appreciation of tea appraisal techniques and artistic manipulation methods, and the appreciation of the beautiful environment of tasting tea. The process reflects the mutual unity of form and spirit. In terms of form, tea art includes a series of contents such as tea selection, water selection, tea cooking technology, tea set art, and environmental selection and creation. When tasting tea, you must first choose, pay attention to the simple elegance of the pot and the cup, or the luxurious and luxurious. In addition, tea tasting must pay attention to the coordination of character and environment. Literati emphasizes quietness and elegance, and high-ranking officials and nobles pursue luxury and nobility. The manufacturer of gunpowder tea supreme tells you that in general traditional tea tasting, the environmental requirements are mostly cool breeze, bright moon, loose yin, bamboo rhyme, Meikai, Xueji and other interesting and artistic conceptions. In short, tea art is a perfect combination of form and spirit, which contains aesthetic viewpoints and human spiritual sustenance. The manufacturer of gunpowder tea supreme tells you that traditional tea art uses a dialectical and unified view of nature and human experience to identify related issues from the interaction between the soul and the flesh. Therefore, the art contains the simple dialectical materialism of ancient China. The ideology also contains people's subjective aesthetic appeal and spiritual sustenance.
How to understand tea art
First, simplicity is an organic combination of "tea" and "art". The manufacturer of gunpowder tea supreme tells you that tea art is the habit of tea people to drink people’s daily tea. According to the rules of the tea ceremony, through artistic processing, to show tea drinkers and guests the skills of tea brewing, brewing and drinking, and to guide daily tea drinking. Artistic, enhances the state of drinking and gives tea a stronger spirituality and beauty.
Second, tea art is an art of living. Tea art is colorful and full of interest in life. It is a positive way to enrich our lives and improve the taste of life.
Third, tea art is a stage art. The manufacturer of gunpowder tea supreme tells you that if you want to show the charm of tea art, you need to rely on the close cooperation and reasonable arrangement of characters, props, stage, lighting, sound, calligraphy and painting, flowers and plants, etc., to give tea drinkers a noble and beautiful enjoyment and bring performance to the show. Come vitality.
Fourth, tea art is an art of life. Life is like tea. In the midst of busyness, make a pot of good tea, savor carefully, enter the inner cultivation process through the tea, feel the bitter and sweet life, and purify the soul.
Fifth, tea art is a kind of culture. The manufacturer of gunpowder tea supreme tells you that on the basis of integrating the excellent culture of the Chinese nation, tea art has extensively absorbed and borrowed from other art forms, and expanded to literature, art and other fields, forming a Chinese tea culture with strong national characteristics.