Special craftsmanship of pearl green tea 3505


The pearl green tea 3505 manufacturer tells you that the formation of pearl green tea has a long evolutionary process. As early as in the Song Dynasty, when other tea-producing areas still followed the Tuanbing tea production method, the Pingshui tea area was no longer without cakes, and switched to the fried green production method. Lu You noted at the end of his poem "Tea Test in Anguo Yuan" which praised Japanese tea making: "Ri Zhu is more tea, not cakes, but fried green, like goshawk claws, but soaked. "The manufacturer of pearl green tea 3505 tells you that this is a poem with important historical value. It can be seen from it that in the era of Lu You 800 years ago, the Pingshui tea area has appeared similar to today’s fried green tea, which is similar to today’s. Similar to the method of drinking with boiling water.
The manufacturer of pearl green tea 3505 tells you that due to the long history of the roasting method, tea farmers have explored a set of techniques and collection methods such as chucking, duo, sprinkling, fan, and stir-frying, so that the inherent quality of Japanese tea can be brought into full play. Around the Qing Dynasty, there was a new change in the frying method in Pingshui tea area, that is, the pearl tea production method was produced. The tea leaves were kneaded into a ball and formed into a granular shape, round and tight, like pearls, hence the name pearl tea. .
The manufacturer of pearl green tea 3505 tells you that pearl green tea is one of the earliest exported tea products in my country, and a small amount of it was exported overseas in the 17th century. At the beginning of the 18th century, Zhu Tea was named the "green pearl" by the US police under the name of "Jichun" and "Gongzhao". The manufacturer of pearl green tea 3505 tells you that "Xichun" refers to the phrase "then the autumn heat retreats, and the coldness of Xichun goes" from the Shanxi Pan Yue, which means that winter goes to spring and the tea buds are first picked in early spring. The "tribute limit" is to boast of the name fee of this tea, and is the "tribute" of the tribute to the star room.