The historical source of pearl green tea 3505


The manufacturer of pearl green tea 3505 tells you that the pearl green tea processing technology is divided into two stages: preliminary and refined, and both have achieved mechanized production.
Initial production process: It is divided into three processes: finishing, rolling and drying. The pearl green tea 3505 manufacturer tells you that the drying process is divided into four steps: rolling, frying, frying, and frying. Among them, the small pot, the counter pot and the big pot are all completed in the same Zhucha roasting and drying machine. The manufacturer of pearl green tea 3505 tells you that it will take about 5 hours to make the whole process. The product produced is still a Maocha, generally called Pingchaoqing or Yuanchaoqing.
Refining process: It is divided into raw extraction, frying car, net extraction, and evening. Raw tea includes four processes: Mao tea sieving, head cutting, sifting, and winnowing; frying car includes two processes: stir-frying and car coloring; pearl green tea 3505 tells you that net picking includes scorching, winnowing, shaking sifting, There are six processes of picking, cleaning, and breeze; finally, it becomes a commercial pearl tea through even packing including blending, even stacking and boxing.
The manufacturer of pearl green tea 3505 tells you that pearl green tea is one of the earliest exported commodities in my country. At the beginning of the 18th century, pearl green tea swept the world as "Gongxi Tea". The price is very high. In the London tea market, apart from Wuyi tea, the price of pearl tea is the highest. The price is as high as 100,000 shillings and six pence per pound. The price of tea is as high as jewelry. It was once known as "green". Of pearls". The manufacturer of pearl green tea 3505 told you that it was originally shipped and sold overseas from Ningbo Port, and then moved to Shanghai after the five-port trade. The foreign firms operating Zhucha include British merchants Yihe Foreign Firm, French merchants Yongxing Foreign Firm and so on. Mainly sold in Northwest Africa, Europe, Asia, America and other countries.