What are the benefits of Chunmee green tea


Chunmee green tea is a nonfermented green tea made from Camellia sinensis leaves. It contains caffeine, catechins, vitamins, and an amino acid L-theanine that may all provide many health benefits. Health benefits of green tea may include weight management, increasing focus, lowering the risk of heart diseases, diabetes and other.
Reducing cholesterol
In vivo studies showed that Chunmee green tea may help in reducing total plasma cholesterol.
Lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases
A Chinese study showed that everyday drinking of Chunmee green tea may lower the risk of death related to heart problems.
Protecting the brain
Studies showed that drinking even a small cup of Chunmee green tea per day (100 ml) may lower the risk of depression or dementia in healthy people. Even a cup per week may be able to improve memory. The surprising part is that not only tea itself may provide those benefits, but the process of brewing too. Brewing tea has always been associated with meditations and peacefulness, taking time for brewing and enjoying and paying attention to small details.
Oral health
Antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and anti oxidant properties of Chunmee green tea may help with maintaining good oral health. Drinking green tea on a daily base may offer protection against cavities and other dental diseases and protect teeth from different bacteria.
Fighting diabetes
Studies suggest that drinking tea may be beneficial in preventing Type 2 diabetes. Catechins in green tea may reduce the blood glucose levels and help with inflammation. A Dutch study suggested that drinking 3 cups of tea per day may reduce the risk of getting Type 2 diabetes by 40%
Weight loss
Although Chunmee green tea, just as any other herb or supplement is not a miracle weight loss drink, it may help with weight loss and weight management. Studies suggest that those that will benefit the most are those that include regular exercise into their lifestyle, too . Green tea may increase fat oxidation after the exercise.