What Is Chunmee Green Tea


One of the most classical Chinese green teas, chunmee green tea is a tea every tea lover has to try at least once. It offers a good perspective on a wide range of green tea flavors, may offer numerous benefits and tastes great, both hot and cold.
What is chunmee green tea?
Chunmee, Zhen Mei or Chun Mei is a Chinese green tea. chunmee green tea is produced in China and one of the most popular green teas in western countries.
What does chunmee green tea taste like?
chunmee green tea is a pan-fired tea. Pan-fired teas have a less vegetal and nuttier flavor, that can be light or more intense, depending on how the teas was made. For example. lung ching or Dragon well is also nutty, but with no smokiness and very light compared to Chunmee.
In strength and color, Chunmee is quite similar to Gunpowder, but with more smokiness. chunmee green tea has a bit more astringency than other green teas, and is suitable for drinking with sugar, honey or even milk. Because of its strong flavor, Chunmei is great for flavoring and scenting. It's often used in some African countries for making mint tea, similar to Moroccan mint tea made with Gunpowder tea leaves. This tea makes for a great daily green tea.
If you enjoy Gunpowder tea, Chunmee is the tea you might like too. Even though chunmee green tea is stronger than many other Chinese green teas, high quality tea products, if you brew them properly, will never taste very bitter. However, a slight dose astringency is normal in many green teas.