How to store chunmee green tea


Chunmee green tea belongs to a category of green tea eyebrow tea, which is also a higher-grade category. Strict export standards determine the high quality of chunmee green tea. Chinese people like to drink it, and it is also very suitable for foreigners’ tastes. Chunmee should be traced back. The origin of green tea began in the Qing Dynasty. From the hands of skilled tea farmers, chunmee green tea has come alive. One bud and one leaf at most one bud and two leaves are raw materials. The quality of chunmee green tea is no need for me. Let's talk more.
To talk about the essence of chunmee green tea, then chunmee green tea is a green tea, and green tea is not fermented tea, so it is best to drink it as soon as possible within the shelf life, and it is better than other when storing chunmee green tea. The tea leaves are more careful.
Refrigerated storage chunmee green tea:
Unfermented green tea is one of the characteristics of chunmee green tea. For this unfermented green tea, the best way to store it. The editor first recommends refrigerated storage. It is best to seal the chunmee green tea with tape. After the bag is sealed and stored in a refrigerator at about 5°C, the continuous fermentation of chunmee green tea can be blocked and the natural flavor of chunmee green tea can be retained.
Dry storage of chunmee green tea:
Chunmee green tea is best to stay in a dry and odor-free environment. Chunmee green tea is easy to absorb the taste. If it is combined with other teas, especially teas with strong tea aromas, it is easy to store chunmee green tea. At the time, it absorbed other flavors and affected the taste of chunmee green tea. When you store chunmee green tea in tightly seamed tea cans, you can also put lime on the bottom of the can and replace the lime once a month or two. It's okay.
After a comprehensive understanding of the properties of chunmee green tea and what kind of tea it belongs to, do you prefer to buy chunmee green tea? A large number of chunmee green tea is suitable for better preservation by the storage methods described above. You know!