China Gunpowder green tea 3505 has so many functions and functions


Drinking Chinese Gunpowder green tea 3505 has many effects and functions, including preventing chronic diseases, relieving arthritis, stimulating metabolism, helping weight loss, preventing tooth decay, protecting the heart, lowering blood sugar, improving skin appearance, and so on.

In terms of side effects, excessive consumption of Gunpowder green tea 3505 can increase the risk of kidney stones. Since green tea contains a high level of caffeine, it can damage the nervous system and may cause anxiety when consumed in large quantities.

Gunpowder green tea 3505 is a special green tea variety, produced from the camellia tree. The production method is slightly different, so it has unique characteristics and health benefits. The leaves are rolled into compact small particles, similar to old-fashioned gunpowder particles, which explains the name. This preparation allows the tea to retain more nutrients, including a slightly higher caffeine content than other green teas.

Some high-quality Chinese Gunpowder green tea 3505 can be stored for more than ten years without losing its potency or taste. The color of this tea is slightly yellower than other "green" teas, and the taste is smoky, earthy, and sometimes even metallic. There are many varieties of Gunpowder green tea 3505, but most of them have similar health benefits. This is largely due to the polyphenolic compounds, catechins and alkaloids contained in tea.