The manufacturer of green tea 3505 will show you: what to pay attention to when making tea


Green tea 3505's tea leaves look tight and heavy, the tea soup is bright in color, and the tea color is clean and clear, with a dark green color. The taste of green tea 3505 is very strong rich mellow, high aroma smell is very good. The tea melts quickly in the mouth, the tea fragrance is also very strong, the aftertaste is long, and the tea soup looks clear in color. So what should we pay attention to when making tea? The following gunpowder green tea 3505 manufacturer will take you to find out.

The manufacturer of gunpowder green tea 3505 tells you to use glass or ceramic cups or Morooccan silver-plated bronze teapots for making tea, but not to use thermos cups. Green tea 3505 manufacturer tells you that because the tea is brewed in a vacuum flask, and the tea is stored at a high temperature for a long time, part of the aromatic oil in the tea escapes, reducing the aroma; too much tannic acid and theophylline are leached, and the taste is bitter. Some nutrients are also lost. Most people throw away the used tea after making the tea. In fact, it is not economical.

To make a cup of medium-strength tea, you generally need about 10 grams of tea. Some people like to make strong tea. But we should know that if putting too much tea leaves in cup or pot, there will be leached too much caffeine and tannic acid, which will be too irritating to the gastrointestinal tract. After making a cup of tea, you can add water and make another 3-4 cups or even more. Because gunpowder green tea due to its tea shape, it can keep more