China and Morocco continue to "tea edge"


Recently, at the first International Shaoxing Green Tea Conference held in Shengzhou City, Zhejiang Province and the 20th Vietnam Longjing Tea Culture Festival, there was a warm heart: two cities separated by thousands of miles became sister cities, and the mayor of the city of Shengzhouu was strict. Steel, shaking hands with the President of the Municipal Council of Essaouira, Morocco, Chilam Choba. In the future, the two places will carry out various forms of cooperation and exchanges in the areas of economy, trade, science and technology, culture and education. It is a cup of green tea that contributes to this marriage.

At the opening ceremony, the Minister of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco, Muhad Rajaqi, came to the door and talked about the friendship between China and Morocco. As early as the Tang Dynasty in the middle of the 8th century, some people came to Morocco in China, and in the 14th century, Morocco was famous. The traveler Bai Tutai has also written a travelogue in China for more than three years, making great contributions to enhancing mutual understanding and promoting friendly exchanges and trade between the two peoples.

In 1958, China and Morocco established diplomatic relations, and Morocco became the second African country to establish diplomatic relations with New China. In this relationship, tea played a unique role, because the trade between the two countries began with the export of tea from China to Morocco and the export of phosphate to Morocco. Muhad Raazi said that the "One Belt, One Road" initiative is a big platform and a new opportunity for further exchanges between the two countries.

Morocco is the world's largest importer of green tea. Locals often say that the other half of their body is green tea. They consume about 60,000 tons of tea a year, but they don't produce tea. More than 95% of green tea comes from China, most of them. From Zhejiang, Shaoxing has occupied half of the country. Statistics show that in recent years, Moroccan imports of Chinese tea prices have shown an upward trend, mainly due to the rapid increase in the proportion of small packaged tea imports.

Shengzhou is the hometown of tea in China and the top ten tea-making counties in the country. It is home to the largest Gunpowder tea export distribution center and Longjing tea production center in China. At present, there are 180,000 mu of tea gardens in the city, with an annual output of more than 6,000 tons of Longjing tea, accounting for about one-third of the total amount of Zhejiang Longjing tea. The annual processing and export of more than 60,000 tons of pearl tea accounts for about 2/3 of the national pearl tea export volume. The products are exported to more than 40 countries and regions such as Western Europe, North Africa and South Asia.

In order to make green tea go to a larger stage, the conference specially held the international green tea dialogue, analyzed the current situation of green tea consumption in various countries, the future development trend, and the problems and solutions encountered in the green tea trade, and promoted and reached the "International Green Tea Shengzhou Consensus." ". In addition to a cup of tea, the organizers also specially featured Vietnamese opera performances and snack tastings, which allowed the guests to experience the local customs.

The reporter saw that there were 17 countries participating in the Green Tea Conference, three of which participated in the delegation. The Kingdom of Morocco was the guest of honor of the conference. Four people including Hamid Raj and others were also awarded Tea friendly messenger." Many foreign friends also experienced the hand-cooking skills of Longjing tea on the spot. Under the guidance of master tea makers, they learned to have a good eye.

The beautiful scenery and rich tea fragrance make many international tea drinkers indulge and praise them. At the end of the speech, Muhad Raazi also sent a warm invitation to the sister city of Shengzhou: "Morocco is visa-free for Chinese citizens, and the climate is pleasant. I hope that the citizens of Shengzhou will plan to go and go." At the time of the election, Morocco is the first choice. I believe that everyone will have a strong interest in the history and culture of Morocco. It will surely bring more people into contact, more cultural and industrial connections, and exchanges and friendship between the two countries will be passed down from generation to generation!"