Pearl tea 3505 manufacturers take you to understand what pearl tea is


The manufacturer of Pearl tea 3505 tells you that pearl tea belongs to green tea, which is produced in Zhejiang Province and is a famous traditional tea in Zhejiang Province. The growing environment of tea is superior, with abundant rainfall and fertile soil, which is rich in various nutrients. The shape of pearl tea is like pearls, round and thick, and the outside of the tea leaves is firm and thick. After brewing, the fragrance is long-lasting and the taste is attractive.
Bead tea belongs to green tea and is produced in Zhejiang Province. Bead tea is also known as Yuanchaoqing. The manufacturer of Pearl tea 3505 tells you that pearl tea has a superior growth environment, fertile land, rich in a variety of organic matter, and a pleasant climate, which is suitable for the growth of tea leaves. The tea leaves produced have high yield and good quality.
The manufacturer of Pearl tea 3505 tells you that the production process of pearl tea is made by fixing, rolling, frying, and drying. It requires primary processing and secondary production in the production. It takes more than ten hours to fry the tea. Fry the tea leaves, so that the surface of the tea leaves will be smoother and rounder, making the tea leaves more compact.
Pearl tea is a kind of green tea. The tea leaves are like pearls. The softer the shape of the tea leaves, the better the quality of the tea leaves. The Pearl tea 3505 manufacturer tells you that after brewing, the color of the tea soup and the tea leaves are yellow-green, with a strong aroma. The tea leaves become softer and stretched with the brewing time, and are very resistant to foaming. It is rich in nutrients, which can refresh the mind.