Variety classification of chunmee tea


Chunmee tea is one of the treasures of green tea. The appearance is tight, even, gray-green frosting, oily, fragrant and strong. It is named for its slender strands like the eyebrows of a gentleman. All tea-producing provinces in China produce chunmee tea, among which Zhejiang, Anhui and Jiangxi are the main ones. Chunmee tea is the tea with the widest production area, the highest output, the most stable sales area and the most common consumption in China.
In the past, chunmee tea products had various names and were not uniform. Chunmee tea was once divided into five colors: Zhenmei, Pinmei, Xiumei, Gongxi, and Shrimp. Zhenmei is divided into core-pulling and pulling-zhen; core-pulling is divided into special-zhen and Zhen-zhen; needle eyebrows are divided into positive and negative, the positive ones are special needles, and the auxiliary ones are general needles; There are also two kinds of eyebrows, the thick ones are called Fengmei, and the light ones are called Xinmei; Gongxi is divided into two types: Tegong and Pugong.
In the mid-1980s, chunmee tea colors were simplified. Generally divided into special Zhen (special grade, first to second grade), Zhenmei (first to fifth grade and not classified), Yucha, Gongxi (special tribute first to third grade and not classified), Xiumei (Premium, Grade 1 to Grade 3) and tea slices, totaling 19 colors.