how much is the price of chunmee tea


The shape of chunmee tea is short and tight, the color is green, the color is uniform, the aroma is pure, the taste is still strong, the soup is yellow-green, and the bottom of the leaves is still tender and uniform; green and high and long-lasting aroma are its characteristics. The taste is strong. Today, the editor has compiled information about the price of chunmee tea per pound. Let's follow the editor to find out.
How much is chunmee tea per kilo? It is divided into five colors: Zhen Mei, Pin Mei, Xiu Mei, Gong Xi, and Shrimp Eye. The different types have different prices. The price of eyebrow tea ranges from a few tens of yuan per pound to several hundred yuan per pound of high quality. And then to the low-yield fine eyebrow tea, ranging from thousands of yuan per catty.
Zhenmei is the top grade of chunmee tea, a traditional famous tea in China, which is produced in most counties and cities, both domestically and exported. The special treasures are high-end products in chunmee tea. The cords are tightly tied with sharp seedlings, the color is green and frosty, the fragrance is strong and mellow, the soup color is bright and clean, and the bottom of the leaves is yellow and green. The province's chunmee tea generally produces about 50,000 tons a year, accounting for about 40% of the province's total tea production. Zhenmei tea is picked from one bud, two leaves and three leaves of spring tea as raw materials. The premium Zhenmei tea is the best. It is made from one bud, one leaf and two leaves picked from Qingming to Guyu. It is finely processed. Its quality characteristics are: the strands are as delicate as eyebrows, the color is green and oily, the aroma is high and long-lasting, the taste is fresh and sweet, the soup is green and bright, and the bottom of the leaves is green and even.
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