Pearl tea 3505 manufacturers take you to understand the craftsmanship of pearl tea


The manufacturer of pearl tea 3505 tells you that pearl tea is called pearl tea or "flat green" because it originated in Zhejiang Province and is refined into export tea. Bead tea is a traditional famous tea unique to Zhejiang. It has been exported for hundreds of years. Bead tea is different from other tea leaves. The shape of bead tea is the same as that of a pearl, and it is firm and heavy. Many tea lovers love it. Bead tea, and the effect is also very many, today I will show you the craft of bead tea.
The production of modern pearl tea is similar to the above-mentioned daily cast tea. After the fresh leaves are picked, they are made by fixing green leaves, rolling them, frying two greens, frying three greens, making the right pot, and making a large pot. In the past, it was very hard to make tea manually, but now the whole process of tea making has been mechanized. The manufacturer of pearl tea 3505 tells you that pearl tea needs to undergo primary and refined secondary processing, and the key process is primary production. The method of frying is very particular, and it has to go through three processes of fixing, rolling and drying. And the drying process can be divided into 4 process projects: "fried two greens", "fried three greens", "frying the right pot" and "frying the big pot". In the past, it took about 10 hours to fry a pot of pearl tea by hand, which was very labor-intensive. Therefore, there is a saying that "a pound of tea is sweaty on the heels, and one season of tea leaves you thin." Beginning in the 1960s, Shaoxing created a revolutionary machine for frying and drying bead tea, and implemented the whole process of mechanization of the initial production of bead tea, which greatly reduced the labor intensity, improved the work efficiency of frying tea, and improved the roundness of the shape of the bead tea. The manufacturer of pearl tea 3505 tells you that it belongs to green tea in terms of processing technology. It is a kind of "round fried green", also known as "flat fried green".
The manufacturer of pearl tea 3505 tells you that the shape of pearl tea is round and tight, the color is green and the body is solid. When brewed with boiling water, the beads of tea will be released and unfolded, which is not interesting. The tea soup after brewing is fragrant and strong and durable Bubble. After brewing, the aroma is high and mellow, the taste is attractive, and it is particularly delicious.