How much chunmee green tea should a person drink per day


We all know that there are many benefits of drinking chunmee green tea, but few people pay attention to whether or not to drink chunmee green tea in moderation, and how much to drink. The following chunmee green tea manufacturers will take you to find out.
There is no strict standard for drinking chunmee green tea, and it varies from person to person. Generally speaking, healthy adults with the habit of drinking tea should drink 6-10 grams per day, brewed in 2-3 times. People who are engaged in physical activities and eat a lot of tea should drink about 20 grams per day; people who eat greasy food, tobacco and alcohol can also increase the amount of tea appropriately; for the elderly, pregnant women and children with weak qi and blood, spleen and stomach Reduce the amount of tea you drink.
The above is the introduction of how much to drink chunmee green tea every day, I hope it will help you.