Green tea 9575 manufacturers show you how to drink


The manufacturer of green tea 9575 tells you that green tea is known as the "national drink". A large number of modern scientific studies have confirmed that tea does contain biochemical ingredients closely related to human health. Tea not only refreshes the mind, but also promotes fluid and quenches thirst, reduces fire and improves eyesight. Today we will introduce how to drink tea.
1. Porcelain cup tea
The manufacturer of green tea 9575 tells you that porcelain cup green tea is suitable for brewing middle and high-grade green tea, such as first- and second-class fried green tea, pearl tea green tea, roasted green tea, sun-dried green tea, etc., focusing on palatability, taste or thirst quenching. Generally, the color, aroma and shape of the tea leaves are observed first, and then brewed in a cup. It is advisable to use the "middle casting method" or "lower casting method", brew with boiling water at 95--100 ℃, cover the lid to prevent the aroma from dissipating, and keep the water temperature to facilitate the development of the tea body and accelerate the sinking of the bottom of the cup. After 3-5 minutes, open the lid, smell the aroma of the tea, taste the taste of the tea, depending on the strength of the tea soup, drink it to three times. The manufacturer of green tea 9575 tells you that this brewing method is more convenient for serving tea to guests and drinking tea during office hours.
Cup brewing method, the ratio of tea to water depends on human taste, generally 200 ml of water to brew 3 grams of tea is moderate. Those who like strong drinkers can add more tea, and those who like light drinkers can add less tea.
2. Teapot to make tea
Generally, it is not advisable to brew delicate and precious green tea, because it is not easy to cool down due to the large amount of water, and the green tea leaves will be stuffy and ripe, so that the green tea leaves lose their fresh fragrance. The pot brewing method is suitable for brewing medium and low-grade green tea. This type of tea contains many cellulose, which is resistant to brewing and has a strong tea flavor. When brewing tea, first wash the pot and utensils, put green tea into the pot, brew it with boiling water at 100°C until it is full, and drink it in a cup after 3-5 minutes. The manufacturer of green tea 9575 tells you that when there are many people drinking tea, it is better to use a pot to brew it, because you are not enjoying the tea fun, but quenching your thirst, drinking tea and talking, or eating snacks, and enjoying the tea friendship.
It is a common etiquette for people of all ethnic groups in our country to serve tea to guests. The method of brewing green tea in a pot is relatively vulgar. The manufacturer of green tea 9575 tells you that in some regions, in order to express the respect of the guests, they also put sugar in the green tea to show the sweetness.
3. Tea in a glass cup
Green tea in a glass cup is suitable for drinking delicate and precious green tea, and it is convenient to fully appreciate the appearance and inner quality of famous tea.
Before brewing, appreciate the color, aroma and shape of dry green tea. Take a cup of tea leaves and place them on odorless white paper to observe the shape of the tea leaves. The shape of famous tea, depending on the variety, is either strip, or flat, or snail, or needle. The manufacturer of green tea 9575 tells you to appreciate the green tea production process, and observe the color of green tea leaves, or green, or dark green, or yellow-green, or more Milli... Then dry and smell the aroma of green tea, or cream, chestnut, pan-fried, or indescribable fresh tea. Fully appreciate the regional natural charm of various famous teas, which is called "appreciating tea" ". Then into brewing.