Gunpowder tea 9374 manufacturers take you to understand what is gunpowder tea


Gunpowder tea 9374 The manufacturer tells you that gunpowder tea is a type of green tea that is rolled into small particles, similar to the gunpowder pills that were used to fit into cannons in the early days. This tea originated before the cannon, and its production method dates back to the 7th century BC, during the reign of the Tang Dynasty in China. Gunpowder tea 9374 manufacturers tell you that in China, gunpowder tea has several different names, such as pinyin and bamboo tea, and is mainly produced in southeastern Zhejiang province.
Today, the process of making gunpowder tea is mostly automated, but it used to be handmade. Gunpowder tea 9374 manufacturers tell you that some very fancy, expensive teas are still hand rolled, but most of what you find in a store or tea specialty store is machine rolled. A good quality gunpowder tea should be shiny. If not, the tea may be older and taste bad.
Gunpowder tea 9374 manufacturers tell you that this tea is not roasted and many claim it has a fresh grassy flavor. Cups to brew, consider about 2-3 pellets per cup of tea. Gunpowder tea 9374 manufacturers tell you it's fun to watch the tea unfold when hot water is brewed. Some say it "explodes" like gunpowder, and many people also like this iced green tea and find the fresh tea leaves a refreshing taste.